How To Hang The Bathroom Shower Curtain

In simple terms, the shower curtain is just a tarpaulin. To be used normally, it must be hanged by the shower curtain rod. It can be opened when used, and can be closed when not in use. The shower curtain is usually made of plastic or nylon. Made of materials, mainly used to prevent splashing of shower water to the outside of the shower, and to maintain a certain thermal insulation effect

The shower curtain is generally divided into three parts, a curtain, a shower curtain rod and a hook. Also, the shower curtain adopts the mode of hanging directly on the ceiling. When purchasing the shower curtain, the thickness of the shower curtain should be taken into consideration, so that it can play a good role of shielding, but it is not as thick as possible, if the bath Too thick fabric will affect the breathability and water resistance of the shower curtain, and it will be difficult to dry after wetting.

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