45+ Children’s Room In Different Styles

The space of children is often the most valued. The children’s room is a small space in the home, which requires special attention when designing.

Boy room: cool or gray, more suitable for boys’ room, the world of children is colorful, clean and pure, calm and courageous space makes people calm, can learn quietly Girl room: The girl’s room is more suitable for selection. The sweet warm color is especially sweet pink. The pink is sweet and refreshing. The light and shadow create a warm atmosphere. If the bed is not so bright, you can pass the pillow and wall painting. Wall decoration, etc., the use of soft-pack design in children’s rooms, is still very much need to be considered, making the space more colorful

45+ children's room in different styles #children #room

Bunk bed: The children’s room on the bunk bed is the most space-saving. If the home space is limited and there are two children, the bunk bed is the most suitable. The stairs of the bunk bed also have the storage function. Store children’s toys and increase the storage capacity of small units