36 Beautiful Minimalist and Tiny Tattoos for Every Girl

Small tattoo designs are great for a first tattoo if you are thinking of getting inked. You can have a beautiful work of art that only covers a small area. Some tattoo spots seem to be best for small, simple inks: wrists, ribs, ankles, and, of course the back of neck. Tattoos help to increase the beauty and personality, which attract much attention.

There are kinds of small tattoo designs suits like simple quote tattoos, flower tattoos, Celtic designs, bird tattoos, music symbol tattoos, etc. Most of the girls always prefer to have cute and small tattoo designs. To help you choose the design for your tattoo, we’ve put together some photos to inspire you to choose which one really satisfies your desire to have a tattoo. Check pictures below to be inspired.

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Make sure you check out every single tattoo below to be inspired and to get some great ideas. We hope you enjoy these tattoos as much as we do!